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Driveways, Bury St Edmunds

Historically block (or brick) paving has been used the world over in areas of high footfall – and for good reason. Block pavers are hard warring and requiring very little maintenance, making them excellent for driveways and patios. Available in a wide range of finishes, pavers can be laid in decorative patterns, stepped and edged to create the desired look.


Driveways Question
What brands do you use?

We are a Stonemarket approved installer and are on the Marshalls register, so we tend to use these products, however do use other manufacturers such as Brett and Bradstone.

Driveways Question
What type of surfaces do you lay?

By far the most popular for driveways and patios is block pavers, however we also lay natural stone, concrete flagstones and porcelain paving.

Driveways Question
Do you provide paving for commercial premises?

Yes, we cater for both private and commercial clients.

Driveways Question
Does your paving come with any warranties?

Most brand name pavers come with either three or five years warranty.

Driveways Question
Do you offer free quotations?

All quotations, estimates and advice is free.

Driveways Question
Do you any other driveway services?

We also provide driveway cleaning and sealing services.

Driveways Question
Is the business insured?

We have 2.5 million public liability insurance.