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Decking, Bury St Edmunds

Decking has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few decades and is often used as an alternative to paving. Decks are typically constructed from a timber framework and laid with either hard or soft wood timber or composite boards; this method of construction makes decking installations possible on almost any terrain. Decks can be built in isolation or as part of a larger landscape.

We use high quality (kiln dried or pressure treated) timber from sustainable sources.


Decking Question
Do you use timber and composite decking boards?

We use both.

Decking Question
What brands of decking do you use?

For composite decking we use Millboard and Fitrite for plastic.

Decking Question
Does your decking come with any warranties?

We provide a 2 year warranty.

Decking Question
Do you offer free quotations?

All quotations, estimates and advice is free.

Decking Question
Is the business insured?

We have 2.5 million public liability insurance.